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Neil J. Therrien

Senior Application Scientist
Phone: 805-450-3863
Email: neil@acumenscientific.com



Sr. Application Scientist | Acumen Scientific, Goleta, CA
Technical consultant to industry and US government in all areas of electro-optical sensors, and focal planes, from visible to LWIR. Extensive background in all aspects of infrared physics, technology & applications. Special emphasis in system engineering, analysis and test.


July 2010 - April 2013 | Raytheon Vision Systems, Goleta, California
Infrared Engineer
  • Managed activities associated with infrared detector processing, fab, and test. Responsible for overall approach to performance characterization and verification of design. Utilized Matlab and other software tools to post-process data for imaging demos, process fab variations, compliance, and troubleshooting. Applications included High Definition 720p format arrays and astronomy arrays.
April 2000 - July 2010 | Raytheon Vision Systems, Goleta, California
Software/Test Engineer
  • Performed the test data acquisition and analysis for various component chips within the Astronomy and civil space markets. For example, developed all software and tested all 16 2Kx2K chips now being deployed on ESO's ground-based telescope Observatory in Chile. Also responsible for deployment of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) detector test program. Designed and implemented a detailed test methodology and compliance verification strategy. Generated software routines for test background simulation and analysis of data.
March 1993 - April 2000 | Raytheon Santa Barbara Remote Sensing, Goleta, California
Systems Engineer
  • Systems engineer, then Lead Systems engineer (1997-2000) for the NASA Moderate Imaging Spectro-Radiometer (MODIS). The MODIS TERRA and AQUA satellites are currently being used for remote earth environmental sensing. Responsible for all technical performance of the instruments including data analysis software. Provided the technical interface to NASA Goddard in all reviews. Led an in-house team of approximately 20 systems and test engineers through the build-up, delivery and successful launch of both instruments.
July 1990 - March 1993 | Santa Barbara Research Center, Goleta, California
Infrared Engineer
  • Engineer for the Javelin missile infrared sensor device. Work included specification flowdown, design, modeling in C++, and testing. Successfully led the detector and IC design team to a first pass success. Brought the first sensors to performance demos. The program subsequently delivered>20000 units.
January 1986-July 1990 | Santa Barbara Research Center, Goleta, California
Software Test Engineer
  • Procured and tested integrated circuits for advanced technology projects. Responsible for maintaining a uVAX-based test station and associated software (FORTRAN, PASCAL, C environment). Wrote acquisition and reduction algorithms to diagnose device problems. Scientific programming included Fourier analysis and statistics.
June 1984-January 1986 | Santa Barbara Research Center, Goleta, California
Software Manager
  • Managed approximately ten people on a test station software project. Responsible for approximately 250,000 lines of code written on three VAX 11/750s (VMS), six Motorola 68000s, and two Floating Point Systems array processors. Position required detailed knowledge of software architecture and programming languages (VAX FORTRAN, MACRO, system services, Motorola 68000 PASCAL, and FPS assembler).
January 1981-June 1984 | Santa Barbara Research Center, Goleta, California
Senior Software Engineer
  • Wrote software for HP and VAX infrared test stations. Wrote routines to communicate with instruments using the IEEE protocol, as well as custom interfaces. Wrote parallel, pipelined assembler routines for acquiring and reducing data on a Floating Point Systems array processor. Main processor had a 64-bit instruction word with multiple conflicting fields, and was supported by other internal processors for performing adds, multiplies, and I/O to external devices.


October 1982 - October 1984
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
M.S.S.M. (Master of Science, Systems Management)

September 1976 - June 1980
Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts
B.S.E.E (Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering)